Our kennel

Our kennel is located in Belgium more precisely in Berlaar. We have a litter every now and then. Our dogs are active in Agility, but you can also meet our dogs at dogshows.

The kennel has been registered at Sint-Hubertus since the beginning of 2018. The first litter was a fact in 2018.


van 't Geystersveld

At Avallon cup 2018 in France,

she became 2nd of 78 dogs grade 1 and 2 Jumping course.

Kylini Double 'O Seven

Resting after a playfull game ball throwing, He is a neutered male, and joined our kennel in 2016. He was imported from the UK.

Yellow Brick Road 

Rebel Russian

This boy came back to our kennel, we are currently showing him. He already became BOB (Best of Breed) at the age of 15 months. He is one of the puppies of our first litter.


Hello my name is Stephanie, my passion for dogs only started when I left home in 2009.

I bought my first Jack Russell mix, we enrolled at the local dog school. This is how we came into contact with Agility. From there I followed a course to become an Agility Instructor.
At the Agility competitions my little Jack Russell had trouble jumping over the jumps,

I looked for a small breed with spirit. This is how I got to know the Parson Russell Terrier.



03/10/2020: Yellow Brick Road Ruby Tuesday promoted to Grade 2

12/07/2020: Oonah van 't Geystersveld & Yellow Brick Road Raspberry Release  promoted both to Grade 2

24/11/2019: Belgian Championship Hoopers 4th place Yellow Brick Road Ruby Tuesday