Puppy plans and Litters

Update 20/01/2020

First pup opened his eyes

Update 11/01/2020
Puppies are born on 07/01/2020, total of 8 pups.

6 boy's and 2 girls.

Update 05/12/2019
We have confirmation that Oonah is carrying puppies, litter is expected begin January 2020

Update 30/11/2019

Oonah came in heat at the beginning of November. She had a few dates with Gizmo. At the moment the ultrasound is planned for the beginning of December. This will show if Oonah is carring pups. If all goes well the puppies are expected in early January.

More details will follow after the ultrasound.


Pictures 01/02/2020: Pups 26 days

Pups are born 07/01/2020.

This is the same combination as our first litter. 

Amico Terriër's Vulcan Attack & Oonah van 't Geystersveld


Our dogs are a part of our family, so we are looking for the right familiy in which the puppy can develop. We would like to meet the possible new owners, so we know in which family situation the new puppy will spend his life.

These are active dogs and therefore need exercise. In other words, a daily walk is a must, although this is not always enough. That's why you often see them in the following sports: 

Agility, Hoopers, Canicross and many more.

It is a breed that is very willing to work, but after a hard day he also likes to spend his evening on the couch. They are small in size, but have a very big heart.

When the puppies are born, we only allow visitors from the age of 3 weeks. In order to give the bitch and the puppies the necessary rest.

At the age of 3 weeks they are really small babies. The eyes just opened up and they sleep a lot. They are vulnerable for possible diseases that float around.

From the 5th week of life the litter starts to move well, they are already playing with each other. The characters are coming up at this age, and from the 6th and 7th week clans have been formed.

We also make sure that the puppies are socialized, a trip to the local garden market, the pet shop and the market are planned.


Our very first litter was born on 02/05/2018. The result of the combination with Amico Terriër's Vulcan Attack and Oonah van 't Geystersveld. Litter of 6 pups: 4 boys and 2 girls

Names of the pups from left to right

  • Yellow Brick Road Rebel Russian (m)
  • Yellow Brick Road Rockin' Killer Koolaid (m)
  • Yellow Brick Road Red Alert (m)
  • Yellow Brick Road Ruby Tuesday (f)
  • Yellow Brick Road Rod on the Rocks (m)
  • Yellow Brick Road Raspberry Release (f)

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